The Importance of Customized Senior Care In Assisted Living 

Every individual is his or her own person, with a list of needs and desires that make them unique. Equally, every senior who walks through the door of an assisted living community has lived a life different from the next, complete with a bank of experiences, interests, and passions. Considering these unique differences, senior living communities can only provide the best service by supporting each resident as the one-of-a-kind individual they are. 

What Is Residential Assisted Living?

Residential assisted living is a level of senior care that allows residents to receive around-the-clock support with activities of daily living (ADLs) like bathing, grooming, cooking, eating, and getting dressed while retaining a high level of independence in a home like setting. In residential assisted living, seniors maintain a private bedroom and share communal living and dining spaces with other senior residents. A preferred type of senior care, residential senior living provides the ideal balance of freedom and safety for many seniors who require some level of support with daily activities but do not have specialist medical needs.

Why Is Customized Care So Important?

Cookie-cutter approaches to senior care are less effective than genuinely personalized support seniors receive in a residential community. With a tailored care plan, seniors can feel assured that their unique likes, dislikes, and needs are always listened to. Moreover, customized care can empower seniors to remain as independent as possible. For example, the same level of support with a specific ADL will only suit some seniors; some may feel they need more assistance, whereas others might need less. With customized care that carefully considers each resident’s specific abilities and needs, seniors feel seen, heard, and supported.

How Do Residential Assisted Living Communities Offer Customized Care?

Residential assisted living communities take many steps to provide a more personalized level of senior care. These include:

    • Maintaining a high caregiver-to-resident ratio. A high caregiver-to-resident ratio naturally means caregiving staff have more time with each resident. The benefits of this are numerous for seniors and caregivers alike. With extra time, caregivers can provide the compassionate and carefully tailored care seniors deserve while genuinely getting to know each resident. When searching for a senior living community, always ask about the number of residents to each caregiver and check whether their staff-to-resident ratio includes non-caregiving staff members (this can sometimes provide misleading data).
    • Coordinating care from professionals. Seniors often require specialist care from a range of professionals to manage chronic health conditions like diabetes or arthritis and acute issues like falls and injuries. These professionals might include physicians, rehabilitation specialists, dentists, etc. A great assisted living community can serve as a reliable coordinator, advocating for a senior and supporting personalized care plans that seamlessly combines care from every avenue. 
    • Providing a varied calendar of activities. A truly customized senior living experience goes far beyond basic caregiving. It also extends to the lifestyle choices a community offers its residents. Senior living communities that deliver diverse activities can help seniors personalize every facet of their lives, finding pursuits that bring them a renewed sense of purpose and joy in retirement. It’s important to consider senior living facilities in Austin that provide various spiritual, recreational, physical, and social activities that allow residents to customize their free time.

How Silverleaf Delivers Customized Care to Austin Seniors 

Silverleaf Eldercare provides customized, person-centered care that meets residents’ unique needs and wishes. We aim to help nurture Austin seniors’ mental and physical health by catering to their individual passions, interests, healthcare needs, and ADL support requirements. Each resident’s detailed care plan is adjusted as needed, and a high caregiver-to-resident ratio means our skilled staff can give seniors the time and dignified care they deserve. Additionally, we always strive to involve the family caregivers who know their senior loved ones best when producing a personalized care plan.

CarePredict also allows us to closely monitor each resident’s health, from water and food intake to sleeping patterns. This AI-powered technology supports caregivers in identifying changes that could lead to illness or injury in the future. With this technology and ample time spent with each resident, our caregivers also serve as an excellent central point of contact, coordinating care from various specialists, including dentists, hospice providers, podiatrists, and physical therapists.

Alongside this personalized approach to ADLs and coordinated care, we believe in providing residents with choice in everything they do. At mealtimes, residents are given a range of delicious food options and can receive meals to suit specific dietary requirements and preferences (our chefs are always open to requests!) 

We also work to ensure our residents can enjoy activities and hobbies based on their personal interests. We treat every Austin senior we serve as the extraordinary individuals they are and love to see our residents reigniting old passions and discovering new ones. Our range of onsite activities includes physical pursuits like chair yoga, bowling, balloon volleyball, as well as seasonal activities and events. We also subscribe to the digital iN2L library, which allows residents to access various cognitive, spiritual, educational, and social content and resources.

Are You Looking For Personalized Senior Care In Austin?

Whether you’re a family caregiver or a senior looking for the perfect home in your retirement journey, we invite you to learn more about our commitment to delivering highly customized care by arranging a tour today. Give us a call or use the contact form and a member of our amazing team will be in touch!