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Parker has always been an old soul; that coupled with his unique upbringing in his parents’ Special Needs Adoption Ministry led him to fall in love with the Assisted Living Industry.

Parker grew up in a large family with 9 adopted siblings, 7 of whom have various special needs ranging from Down Syndrome to severe neurological disorders. This provided Parker the opportunity to serve as a caregiver to his siblings and has allowed for unique insight into the most important aspect of this industry; the care. Parker and his wife Katherine started this journey together in 2021 as they joined the Residential Assisted Living Academy to learn from leaders in the industry how to operate Residential, Boutique Style, Assisted Living homes of the highest quality. Both Parker and Katherine have spent hundreds of hours of continuing education to receive the coveted Residential Assisted Living Specialist and Memory Care Specialist designations from RALA. They acquired two existing facilities in 2021 and have since renovated and brought new life to each of them. In addition they acquired a 3rd location in 2022 and are looking forward to providing more personalized options for Austin Seniors.




Katherine was raised in a household where they were in the business of caring. Her mother started her own business and stepped away to become a nurse—work that Katherine feels is very personal and one-on-one which is so rare today. It became evident to Katherine that this was her mother’s bread and butter, a generational trade that was done by her grandmother before her. Private caregiving is her mother’s specialty, and Parker and Katherine have learned so much from her.

Katherine received her Bachelor’s degree in Management with a minor in Human Resources from Texas State University.

She is also a RALS™ (Residential Assisted Living Specialist), and has earned the highest level of professional certification in the industry.




  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy, University of Texas – Medical Branch
  • 29 years of patient care experience in various healthcare populations and settings.  She has practiced in the Philippines, New York, New Jersey and Texas, serving in nationally recognized hospitals and facilities such as The Kessler Institute, Atlantic Health, TIRR Memorial Hermann and Brookdale Senior Living.
  • Lea’s passion for serving the elderly stems from her firsthand experience as a rehab manager in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC).  Witnessing the challenges faced by older adults and their families in navigating senior care, Lea became inspired to seek out innovative ways to enhance their well-being.  As a testament to her dedication, she co-authored a book with Max Keller titled “Why Senior Living Matters:  Demystifying care options for Mom and Dad,” shedding light on the importance of quality care and advocating for improved senior living solutions.




Michelle De Los Reyes is an experienced nurse practitioner who has worked for over eight years at the University of MD Anderson Cancer Center, specializing in Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy. She has been devoted to providing excellent care to patients with blood-related cancers for more than 15 years. Michelle is actively involved in various committees for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), and she has held the position of chairperson multiple times. Notably, she played a key role in establishing an educational review course for APRNs in 2019 and contributed to creating a platform to honor exceptional APRNs at the institution.

Michelle’s heartfelt motivation to establish an assisted living home is deeply rooted in her unwavering love and dedication to her beloved grandmother, Esther. Esther has been a guiding light in Michelle’s life, imparting invaluable wisdom and instilling values that continue to shape her character to this day.

The decision to start an assisted living home is an homage to Esther’s enduring spirit. Michelle wishes to create a haven that reflects the compassion, care, and warmth her grandmother showered upon her. She envisions a place where elderly individuals, like Esther, can find solace, companionship, and the support they need in their golden years. Michelle’s personal connection with her grandmother fuels her determination to establish an environment that embodies the very essence of love, dignity, and respect.




Jon De Los Reyes is based in Houston, TX. He explored different fields, including engineering, manufacturing and investment management. He received his MBA from the University of Houston in 2019. During his studies, he took an entrepreneurship class that led him to realize that he wanted to create his ideal career and positively impact other people’s lives. Together with his wife, Michelle, they started an online store, selling pet keepsakes that bring comfort to grieving pet owners.

Before his current endeavors, Jon worked for respected energy companies for 15 years, starting as an engineer and progressing to roles such as an analyst, senior associate, process engineer, project manager, and operations manager.

Jon’s desire to start an assisted living home originates from the profound love he held for his late grandmother, Violeta. His dedication to creating a lasting, positive impact is deeply intertwined with his profound affection for his grandmother. This genuine love is what drives Jon and Michelle to establish an assisted living home where they aim to prioritize the comfort and well-being of their residents, envisioning a place where their own grandparents would have felt cherished and cared for.




  • MBA, Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University.
  • 23 years in global supply chain – currently Head of Global Program Management at the world’s largest freight forwarder, DHL, managing international air freight and ocean freight supply chain programs for Fortune 50 companies with an aggregate portfolio of > $2.14B.
  •  Carmina’s passion for serving the elderly stems from her deep-rooted desire to create a safe and nurturing environment for them to call home.  Inspired by the close bond she shared with her grandmother, Raquel, during her formative years.  Carmina sees serving the elderly as a heartfelt tribute to her grandmother and a way to honor the wisdom and love they shared.  With unwavering dedication, Carmina strives to provide a haven where the elderly can thrive, surrounded by compassion, dignity and warmth of a loving community.