Embracing the Holidays in Residential Assisted Living

What unique holiday traditions have your family nurtured over the decades?

Each family has their own special way of celebrating the holidays. Cherished traditions sit at the very heart of the season, whether it’s playing games with the grandchildren or hanging decorations together on a crisp winter’s evening. At Silverleaf Eldercare, we know that a truly magical holiday is a sum of the ‘little things’ that bring families and friends together.

The incredible benefits of residential assisted living shine through during the holidays. Empowered by person-centered care, residents enjoy socializing, attending festive events, and indulging in great food within a safe and supportive environment. 

What is Assisted Living?

In assisted living, seniors may reside in a shared home with other residents (residential assisted living) or in a private apartment or house. Seniors can receive personalized, round-the-clock support with activities of daily living (ADLs) like using the toilet, getting dressed, bathing, eating, and safely moving around.

How Does Assisted Living Differ From Other Levels of Care?

    • Independent Living. Independent living provides a lower level of care than assisted living. Seniors do not receive ADL support in independent living but typically have access to services like home maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, and on-site activities. Independent living is ideal for seniors who do not require additional assistance but wish to settle in a convenient, safe, and social community.
    • Skilled Nursing Homes. Nursing homes are an excellent option for seniors with complex health conditions, or medication management needs that require 24-hour monitoring by a qualified nurse and oversight by a medical director. Nursing homes offer the highest level of senior care available without hospitalization.

5 Benefits of Spending the Holidays in Residential Assisted Living 

    1. Holiday-themed events and activities. Moving to residential assisted living shouldn’t mean giving up festive fun. Senior care communities typically host various holiday-themed events and activities for seniors to enjoy with fellow residents, friends, and family caregivers. Popular activities include parties, movie nights, crafts, baking, and musical entertainment.
    2. Person-centered, 24/7 care. A solid foundation of excellent care will allow seniors to get the most from the holidays and truly enjoy the range of activities and events their community offers. In residential assisted living, seniors can access tailored care from compassionate, experienced caregivers as and when needed.
    3. Safe celebrations. Senior care communities are built to promote safe, secure, and easy living for seniors with reduced mobility. For example, assisted living communities typically have features like security cameras, specially adapted bathrooms with grab bars and wheel-in showers, elevator access, or ground floor accommodation. When spending the holidays in senior care, residents can enjoy quality time with friends and family caregivers without sacrificing the safety and peace of mind they deserve.
    4. Socialization and new friendships. Socialization is vital for senior health; aging adults with a poor social life may be more prone to developing health issues like depression, anxiety, hypertension, or heart problems. Unfortunately, many seniors struggle to socialize when living in their own homes. This may be due to several barriers, including poor mobility, anxiety, or grief. With on-site activities and caregiver support available 24/7, staying socially connected has never been easier than in residential assisted living. The holiday season is all about connection, and moving to assisted living can be a highly effective way to tackle loneliness.
    5. Cost-effectiveness. Financing senior care is often a worry for family caregivers and seniors, and it’s a common misconception that residential assisted living is costly. It can be an incredibly cost-effective senior care choice, with care plans including many services and amenities. For example, meals, snacks, 24/7 ADL support, and activities are usually included in fees as standard. Transportation, housekeeping, laundry, cable, and Wi-Fi are often included or available at a reasonable ‘add-on’ rate. Families can save on the high costs associated with home adaptations and maintenance, grocery shopping, and hiring in-home care by opting for assisted living.

Spending the Holidays at Silverleaf Eldercare

At Silverleaf Eldercare, we recognize how important the holidays are for many residents. We strive to cultivate an environment where residents can celebrate in their own way, honoring family traditions and making brand-new memories. 

Holiday Events and Activities

Silverleaf Eldercare residents enjoy engaging in activities and social events all year round, and we believe in encouraging seniors to continue pursuing lifelong hobbies. We apply the same sentiment to the holidays and will always do our utmost to help residents enjoy family traditions from the comfort of our welcoming community. During the holidays, we also host a range of festive celebrations for residents and family caregivers.

Delicious Festive Food

Residents at Silverleaf Eldercare enjoy a rotating seasonally inspired menu developed by a dietician specializing in nutrition for seniors. During the holidays, residents can get into the spirit with excellent, home-cooked festive meals tailored to individual dietary requirements and taste preferences.

Attentive and Empowering Care

An excellent 1:6 staff-to-resident ratio and daily health monitoring with CarePredict (shown to improve staff response times by 37%) means our caregivers can offer each resident the perfect level of ADL support. With this foundation of exemplary care, residents can get the most from events and activities during the holidays and all year round.

Arrange a Tour of Silverleaf Eldercare

With decorations glistening and festive events and activities in full swing, the holiday season is an excellent time to see senior care communities at their best. Get in touch today to schedule a personalized tour of Silverleaf Eldercare for your senior loved one.