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Top Level Care

Personalized Care
Finding the best living situation for your aging loved one can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. At Silverleaf Anderson Mill, we offer the most attentive senior care in the Austin area. Our on-call caregivers will strive to make your loved one feel at home, helping them maintain their independence while receiving the specialized care they deserve. We have a high 1:6 caregiver-to-resident ratio, which allows our caregivers to focus on each resident fully and provide the individualized assistance they deserve. Our specialized care team includes RALA memory care certified caregivers and other RALA-certified employees.

Top-of-the-line CarePredict provides valuable insight into the daily living activities of our residents, allowing us to tailor their care accordingly. With sensors to detect activity and location, this wearable technology provides direct communication between residents, family caregivers, specialist caregivers, and our 24-hour on-call caregivers at Anderson Mill, Austin.

Activities and iN2L Library
Silverleaf Eldercare also offers iN2L senior entertainment, which gives our residents access to a vast library of music, movies, and activities to keep them engaged and active. And with the support of a dedicated activities coordinator, your loved one will always have an opportunity to make new friends and enjoy wonderful experiences.

A Holistic Experience
Each of these technologies and services contributes to our ultimate goal: to provide residents with a senior living experience that feels effortlessly comfortable and home-like. By offering personalized and ever-evolving care informed by resident wishes and CarePredict technology, a huge range of activities, and delicious, warm, and comforting meals, our residents can access the perfect balance of independence, autonomy, and support.


High Level Staffing

No need to worry about overcrowding or rushed care. With a 1:6 caregiver-to-resident ratio, each of our beloved residents can receive the prompt and attentive care they deserve.


On-Call Caregivers

Our facilities in Austin have on-call caregivers who are always ready to assist residents with their needs. From administering medication to simply offering a listening ear, our on-call caregivers provide compassionate, high-quality care on a daily basis.


We Listen

At Silverleaf Anderson Mill, we strive to make our residents’ lives enjoyable and carefree. This starts with listening carefully to their stories, concerns, and wishes.

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