What Does Summer in Residential Assisted Living Look Like?

With its picturesque parks, breathtaking lakes, and impressive range of outdoor cultural activities, concerts, and festivals,1 Austin, TX, is truly at its vibrant best during the summer months.

But for seniors who are struggling with chronic health conditions or poor mobility, getting out to enjoy everything the area has to offer can feel like an impossible challenge.

The right residential assisted living community will provide the tailored support seniors need to make the most of the season while offering a great range of accessible summer activities, events, and outings for residents and their families to enjoy.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a type of residential care that allows seniors to continue living with a good level of independence while also receiving the support they need with activities of daily living (ADLs) like bathing, grooming, eating, and managing medication. In an assisted living setting, seniors in retirement might live in their unit or share a house with other residents. Senior living communities offer a homelike retirement environment with the added benefits of ADL support, housekeeping and laundry services, accessible design, and enhanced security.2 This makes them an excellent choice for retirees who don’t have complex health conditions requiring 24/7 nursing care.

How Can Assisted Living Help Seniors Enjoy Summer?

Special Summer Activities, Outings, and Events

Many senior living communities offer a more comprehensive range of activities and events during the summer months. For example, seniors in residential assisted living often participate in seasonal activities like gardening and fruit picking or enjoy their usual hobbies outdoors during the warmer months.

At Silverleaf Eldercare, we host various outdoor events and summer celebrations for residents, staff members, and families to enjoy together. Our residents also love taking afternoon or evening walks in our beautifully landscaped gardens; it’s a great way to wind down and get some fresh air once the day’s heat is through. These relaxed summer strolls also complement our extensive wellness program, featuring daily yoga to support physical and mental health.

As part of our commitment to wellness, we also have our very own bird, butterfly, and squirrel sanctuary. This beautiful area helps our residents connect to nature and feel great mindfulness and peace. While it’s still an emerging area in mental health, a wealth of contemporary research has pointed to the benefits of nature connection. For example, a 2020 study3 found that a more robust connection to trees and wildlife was linked to reduced mental distress and better psychological well-being (including more positive mood and feelings of vitality). All year round, and especially during summer, residents enjoy sitting outside on our deck or patio table under the cover of trees to watch the diverse variety of wildlife.

ADL Support to Help Residents Enjoy an Active Summer

Great summer memories can only be built upon the foundation of robust ADL support. In residential assisted living, seniors can access round-the-clock personal care from professional caregivers. At Silverleaf Eldercare, our compassionate staff members are always on hand to provide just the right level of support to keep residents feeling confident, uplifted, and autonomous. With the proper assistance, residents feel empowered and adequately able to enjoy all the summer season’s exciting activities and events. We also help coordinate visits from healthcare providers like geriatric specialists, physiotherapists, and psychiatrists. Our residents needn’t travel in the heat to medical appointments, either!

A Comfortable Environment

Seniors, and particularly those with certain chronic health conditions (e.g., cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and chronic kidney disease), are particularly vulnerable to the effects of heat.4 This may be due to older adults’ bodies becoming less able to maintain a stable body temperature when exposed to extreme temperatures.4 Therefore, a senior’s summer experience can be hugely influenced by whether they have a comfortable and cool living environment. Summer in Austin, TX, can get extremely hot, so Silverleaf Eldercare is designed to help residents and staff members stay comfortable during the day’s heat.

For example, our Wildridge Drive senior living home features:

  • A beverage bar stocked with our residents’ favorite cold drinks and bottled water.
  • Individually controlled AC in each resident’s private ensuite bedroom.
  • A sunroom with wraparound windows that look over the bird, butterfly, and squirrel sanctuary, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors from cool comfort.
  • Indoor entertainment, including puzzles, large Smart TVs with a Wii, and iN2L content for tailored social, physical, cognitive, and intellectual enrichment, is perfect for those days when it’s too hot to venture outside!

Arrange A Visit Today

Silverleaf’s Austin residential assisted living caregivers are dedicated to helping residents make unforgettable retirement memories with friends and family this summer. To see our beautiful, light, and airy boutique locations while they’re drenched in sunshine, give us a call and organize a visit with your loved one today!





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