Silverleaf Eldercare: Upgrading the Assisted Living Experience for Seniors and Family Caregivers

Silverleaf Eldercare is re-inventing what it means to move to senior living. With a brand-new and refreshing approach to senior care, our mission is to disrupt an industry that often needs to see the individuals behind its numbers and charts. Along with our partnering companies whose visions align with ours, we’ve built an upgraded residential assisted-living experience for Austin’s seniors.

How Is Silverleaf Eldercare Changing Senior Care?


Being owner-operated means, we take a hands-on approach right from the top. Our senior management isn’t sitting at a desk a few miles away; they’re on-site daily, engaging with residents and ensuring they’re happy, healthy, and supported. Our owners are certified RALA Residential Assisted Living Specialists with countless hours of education and experience in caregiving, both personally and professionally.

Holding an outstanding variety of educational backgrounds, qualifications, achievements, and personal experiences in caregiving, Silverleaf Eldercare’s owners and co-owners all share one goal: to provide a residence where seniors can thrive, surrounded by endless warmth, compassion, dignity, and respect.

Excellent Caregiver to Resident Ratio

Our impressive 1:6 staff-to-resident ratio means each resident in our care can receive all the time and tailored support they need from professional caregivers. In turn, residents and caregivers genuinely get to know one another. This is vitally important; professional caregivers often support seniors with personal care tasks like bathing, brushing their teeth, using the bathroom, and getting dressed. This kind of support is rarely easy for seniors to accept. Still, accessing caregivers they know, and trust can make the transition much easier. 

Life at Silverleaf Eldercare: The Full Retirement Experience

Inspiring Meals

Silverleaf Eldercare residents enjoy freshly prepared, hearty, and nutritionally balanced meals daily. These meals are prepared by our in-house chefs and can be tailored to satisfy individual residents’ needs and taste preferences, allowing for a more complimentary and homelike culinary experience.

Joyful Activities

Residential assisted living should be an opportunity for seniors in retirement to expand their lifestyle, not restrict it. Our residents have access to various wonderful activities and social events every day. These include fitness and wellness activities like yoga and meditation, plus regular in-home jazz, Latin, opera, and country music concerts. With iN2L technology, residents can also access a library of engaging content suited to their physical and cognitive abilities.

Beautiful Homes

Our homes have been designed with the utmost care and consideration to feel like a luxurious sanctuary and haven for residents. Adorned with modern touches like 60″ Smart TVs, individually controlled air conditioning in bedrooms, comfortable H-Contract recliners, beautiful artwork, large windows, and charming wood flooring, our residential assisted living homes boast a sleek, airy, and modern feel.

Serene Surroundings

We believe seniors should have access to nature on their doorstep in retirement. Our Wildridge Drive location features a bird and butterfly sanctuary perfect for enjoying slow mornings and social afternoons outdoors. With a sun-drenched deck, benches shrouded in shade from the canopy of trees, and gorgeous views from the sunroom, residents can enjoy the wildlife from their preferred spot! 

What Does This Mean for Family Caregivers?

Family caregivers supporting a senior loved one at home face various emotional, physical, and practical challenges. According to a recent 2024 study, these challenges are often related to finances, communication, medication management, and transportation.¹ The same study found that family caregivers would benefit from access to more information and training and better support from healthcare professionals. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also reported that 14.5% of informal caregivers experienced 14 or more mentally unhealthy days in a month. 17.6% said they had 14 or more physically unhealthy days, while 36.7% reported insufficient sleep.²

Finding a residential assisted living community that puts individual residents at the front and center of their approach to care can offer much-needed peace of mind. At Silverleaf Eldercare, family caregivers are an integral and valued part of our community. With their vast personal and professional experience, our owner-operators and staff deeply understand the unique challenges faced by family caregivers of aging loved ones. And with plenty of caregivers at all times, we always have time to offer a kind listening ear, practical support, and advice. 

What Do Our Current Residents’ Family Caregivers Say?

Current family members of residents often mention our state-of-the-art homes, swift response times, and owners dedicated to finding quality staff and services. They also mention our compassionate caregivers and beautiful settings. Visit our testimonials page to find out more!

Discover a new Approach to Senior Living Today

By choosing Silverleaf Eldercare, you will have unlimited access to support. At the same time, your parent or loved one enjoys the healthy and profoundly fulfilling retirement they deserve. Send us an email to receive a free guide detailing how our community could support your senior loved one or give us a call to organize a guided tour.






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