Questions to Consider Asking the Seniors in Your Life

People often feel a little closer to their parents and grandparents after having a talk with them. Especially if they’re up in age. This is partly because they’ve been in our lives for as long as we can remember. But what about their lives before we were born? It’s hard to strike up a conversation with them, especially if you have little in common or much to talk about. However, asking them the correct questions about how they used to be and how they feel about their lives now could help form a stronger bond. Not to mention, asking these types of questions to the seniors in your life might be illuminating.

What Kind of Person Were You When You Were Younger?

Many younger individuals ask their elders this question in order to have a better grasp on their personalities. Many of our elders sit in judgment on how much has changed from their era. Ask about the clothes they wore, the music they listened to, and the people they hung out with. It’s a good way to figure out why they’re the way they are today.

Do You Remember Your Parents or Grandparents?

Some seniors in our lives may have lost their parents and grandparents before you entered the picture. Some may have had to ask one of their elders the same thing. This is an excellent chance to learn more about your ancestral tree. It’s also a good time to find out which relative they think they have a lot in common with in terms of appearance and disposition.

Where Did You Grow Up, and Where Did You Go to School?

Asking them this should give you an inkling about their upbringing and the type of school where they began their schooling. As a result, the topic should lead to a question about how different growing up in that location was from the place where they now live. Inquire about the safety of the neighborhood and how it has changed through time. You can also ask them whether they’ve ever returned to that location if they ever left.

If you were to talk to any senior, they will tell you that schools have changed since they were in school. Try to ask them how, and in what way. They might provide you with some advice on how to make educational improvements for yourself or your children.

If You Were Able to Go Back in Time, What Age Would You Choose?

This is a question that can be a fun approach to gain a sense of what might have been a very enjoyable period in their lives. Not everyone wishes to return to their youth or teens. It could have been a period when they accomplished something extraordinary. It could have been when they met someone special to them, such as a spouse. Maybe it was the time when you first came into their life.

Key Takeaway

To be honest, many people don’t take the time to ask the seniors in their lives about themselves. People become so busy nowadays to the point where older family members are ignored. They’re treated as if they’re going to be around forever. Talking with them also keeps their minds stimulated so they don’t forget too much. Asking our elders about their lives also helps us learn more about ourselves.

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