Movies that Portray the Beauty and Complexity of Aging

Even though movies are seen as a form of entertainment, they reflect what we go through every day. For older adults, movies are an excellent way of understanding the beauty of aging while also getting a glimpse into the lives of other elderly people. One essential aspect of a great movie is that it helps the elderly understand who they are, thus motivating and reassuring them that they still have vital roles to play. With this in mind, the following is a breakdown of movies that portray the beauty and complexity of aging.


Ikiru is a movie that tells the story of an old man who used to work as a chief for a local community for over three decades. After realizing that he has terminal stomach cancer, he embarks on a journey to find the meaning of life. The movie relies on flashbacks and a detailed narrative structure to tell a reconciliatory story of Watanabe Kanji. The flashbacks are mainly based on the life of Kanji, with his aging figure being used to explain his journey from a young man to an elderly individual.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

This movie follows the lives of seven elderly British citizens who travel to an exotic hotel in Jaipur, India. The reason for moving to India is to enjoy a serene and affordable life, contrary to Britain’s high-end and expensive life. However, upon reporting to the hotel, they realize that it is not what they expected. For instance, the hotel is dilapidated, and the manager is not friendly. Regardless of this, the seven visitors decide to find new ways of adapting to the environment by finding love and rekindling old romantic feelings. The overall message portrayed in this movie is that it is never too late to start over again.


This highly entertaining movie is shot in a retirement home for retired professional musicians. Even though residents in this retirement home suffer from various ailments, this does not deter them from engaging in their former professions. The film is full of humor, with each elderly participant trying their best to “rekindle” their past professions and the energy they used to display.

On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond explores the complicated relationship between fathers and their daughters and the scary reality of memory loss. The enduring love between these two individuals is portrayed in greater length, with each individual accepting the other person’s flaws without reservation. The story follows the life of Norman, a man with old-schooled values who gets challenged after her daughter introduces her boyfriend to him. The movie mainly dwells on the frustrations that older people with memory lapses face while in isolation.

Our Souls at Night

This movie follows the life of Addie and Robert Redford, a next-door neighbor and widower. The two start a romantic and unforeseen relationship that attracts the attention of the people in their small town who gossip about the new relationship. However, their relationship gets rocky after Addie’s grandson arrives at their home for a short-term visit. As days go by, Addie’s grandson becomes a part of the relationship by playing an excellent addition to the new makeshift family. The overall aim of this story is to tell the importance of true love and to create awareness of the complications that arise when two people in their old age fall in love.

Key Takeaway

The movies covered are just a small part of the numerous films that can be played in a residential care home. Therefore, it is highly advisable to search for similar movies to keep the senior adults entertained.