Fun Activities for Seniors

For seniors who are retired or moving into an assisted living home, it can be a little difficult thinking of things to pass the time. This can be even more difficult for seniors with reduced mobility, but here are a few ideas to consider.

Group Exercise

As we age, we no doubt become accustomed to random aches and pains, but did you know one of the best ways to stave these off is exercise? Sure, it sounds counter-intuitive, but researchers and medical experts alike have shown this to be quite conclusive. There are many examples of light to medium exercises one can engage in, and it’s even better in a group setting to help stay on track. Tai chi is an incredible option for this, as not only does it help with mobility, it’s also theorized to help with blood pressure and stress by numerous respected institutions like Harvard.

Communal Games

There’s nothing better for keeping someone’s attention than a good game. Whether it’s a board game, a card game, or a video game, there are plenty of options to choose from in the modern age. A game of chess between two friends can provide an excellent outlet for both socializing and sharpening the mind. Board games like Scrabble or Boggle are also great for those looking for something to do. And for those with vision issues, games like these often have large-print versions available so everyone can be included in the fun!

Learn a New Hobby

Another great way to spend time is improving upon skill such as cooking or small-scale gardening. There are a number of different herbs and spices you can grow indoors just from the sunlight that comes through the window. Chives, parsley, basil, cilantro, and many others will grow like weeds even in inattentive hands. Bird watching is another opportunity for both those looking for something to do with friends and those looking for solitude. Arts and crafts like knitting or crocheting are also quite popular options, as not only can it be done absent-mindedly while talking amongst friends, but also produces something you could give as a gift later on down the line.

Movie Night

Enjoying a movie night with neighbors or fellow home residents can also be a great way to spend time. For those with limited mobility, inviting everyone over and watching a good movie can help you have a great night in, and leaves option for a discussion party afterwards. Similarly, a book club to discuss a new chapter or two every week is a great option for those interested in fine works of literature.

Get Out There and Have Some Fun

For seniors that are no longer working, it’s incredibly important to stay active and social. Medical research has shown that seniors who are both physically and socially active are more likely to live longer and have less cognitive issues than their peers.