Complete Fall Prevention Includes Being Prepared for Falls

Living in an assisted living facility is an attractive option for seniors who can no longer live alone. Still, it is essential to consider some risks. One of the biggest dangers is falling. According to the CDC, “Each year about one in every three adults aged 65 years or older falls.” This usually leads to severe injuries, including broken bones, and in the worst cases even death.

Senior Living Communities are required by law to provide fall prevention information to all residents. It is also essential for family members of assisted living facility residents to be aware of the dangers and help their loved ones stay safe.

Fall Prevention

You can do many things to prevent falls, both in assisted living facilities and at home.

Be Aware of the Risks

Hazards such as loose rugs and cords, slippery surfaces, and poor lighting can lead to falls. Making sure that these hazards are eliminated or reduced as much as possible is the key to preventing your loved ones from having a fall.

Stay Physically Active

Regular exercise can help to improve balance and coordination, which can help prevent falls.

Make Your Environment Safe

Keep walkways clear of obstacles, install grab bars in the bathroom, and use non-slip mats in the shower.

Use Assistive Devices

If needed, using a cane, walker, or other devices can help to prevent falls.

Stay Healthy

Keeping to a well-balanced diet and getting enough rest will reduce the risk of falls.

Be Aware of Dangerous Areas

Seniors living in assisted living facilities should be aware of dangerous areas within their facility and use caution or proper assistive devices when entering areas that could be dangerous for them.

Stay Active and Strong

This will help maintain balance and coordination. Doing exercises like tai chi and yoga are also great options. Additionally, practicing walking in different environments can help to improve balance.

Action Plan In Preparing For Fall Incidences:
Being prepared for when a fall does occur is essential for prevention. This includes having an action plan in place and knowing what to do if someone falls.

It’s crucial to ensure that everyone knows what needs to be done in the event of a fall. This includes calling for help if necessary, getting the person back up if possible, and ensuring their safety in the future. It’s also essential to have a plan for what to do if the person falls again.

In addition to having an action plan, it’s also essential to be prepared for fall incidences in other ways. This includes having the proper equipment on hand, such as reaching devices, bed alarms, or medical alert devices.

Reaching Devices

This is an essential tool for fall prevention because it can help people reach things they wouldn’t be able to usually. A reacher will allow people to grab items just out of their reach, such as phones or keys without having to get up or strain to read above head.

Bed Alarms

It is also vital for fall prevention because it will alert those nearby if they fall out of bed. Typically, this alarm is placed on the bed and activated when someone gets up. Many will emit a loud noise until the person returns to bed. These are usually used in the case that a loved one is being cared for by a home health aid or nurse to alert them if your loved one is up, so the nurse can ensure they are safe.

Medical Alert Devices

This is also something that many people should consider purchasing because it’s helpful in the event of a fall. People who have them will be equipped with the necessities to summon help quickly, even if they can’t talk after a fall or struggle with their memory.


Fall incidences happen to everyone, and being prepared for them is essential for keeping everyone safe by having an action plan in place and the proper equipment and precautions nearby for your loved ones to use to prevent a fall.

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